NRG Innovative Solutions Corp. delivers "round the clock" reporting of production, material usage and quality data for both machine and process controls.

We will bring you:
- 30 years of experience in various industries
- cost effective control solutions
- fast and accurate data management

Contact us at Info@NRGInnovativeSolutions.com , to optimize either your process control or automated equippment needs.
Associations Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Remote Alarming

Whether by email, text or an old fashioned telephone call, we can implement a fully automated 24/7 alarm call out proceedure.

SR&ED Tax Incentive

NRG Innovative Solutions Corp. can save you money through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive program.

Assisting Industries

Regardless of the industry, we can help you better utilize your existing automated equipment.

Technical Support

Utilizing the latest in Reporting, SCADA and PLC technology, we ensure your plant is generating fast accurate data, presented how you want to see it.

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