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NRG Innovative Solutions Corp. will save your company money. Through integration of networks, and implementation of software, we optimize productivity.
Our expertise will ensure your plant is generating fast accurate data, presented how you want to see it. We are both software and hardware integrators.
Our primary goal is to design, program, network and integrate PLC to PC pipelines that will deliver manufacturing data to satisfy your needs.
In our CSA approved panel shop, we design and build custom control cabinets, provide system programming and CAD schematics: complete turn-key solutions.
Associations: Society of Manufacturing Engineers | Allied with Raco®


Rick Goelder

Rick taught Engineering at Centennial College, School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science.
Previously, he was co-owner of Webtronics Automation Inc which worked primarily in the printing industry, provided engineering, programming, purchasing and production management, focusing on retrofitting new control systems with existing printing equipment.
Rick has extensive training and expertise in all aspects of custom control panel manufacturing, machine logic and control processes.
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RACO Auto-Dialer Tech Notes: Authored technical notes to interface Verbatim Gateway and Catalyst auto-dialers to various Allen Bradley PLC platforms.
Available for download @ racoman.com

WPCC Barrie: On site in Barrie’s Water Pollution Control Centre. Contracted to assist with PLC and SCADA upgrade plant wide. Added iFix screens for UV process.
Was involved with control over every process within the plant including... Clarifying, WAS/TWAS, Anerobic and Aerobic Digestion, Co-Generation, Rotary Biological Units, Sand Filters, UV treatment and biosolids.

Harris MloooBE 8 Unit Web Press: Upgraded Siemens T1 565 to 545. Provided touch screen complete with Citect SCADA with driver to communicate to T1545.

Pharmaceutical Plant Processes: From Coating and Compressing, to providing AutoDialers, PLC networks, Packaging Lines and bottle tracking.
Was involved with control related upgrades and modifications throughout plant.

Implemented a plant compressor supervisory control system. Designed, manufactured and programmed control system to stage 9 compressors on/off according to demand.

Developed a pallet based stacking and packaging line for a large patio stone manufacturer.

Implemented heat recovery control system. Provided program for both HMI and PLC, to recover heat energy from compressors and assist plant heat exchanger during winter months.

Mississauga based bearing manufacturer. Integrated plant-wide SCADA including factory floor monitors illustrating “Target” vs. “Actual” production.

Solid State Genset: integrated a 40 foot trailer equipped with Lithium Ion batteries. Also housed within trailer is a bi-directional Inverter converting DC to AC 600 volt, 3 phase power.
Designed to assist existing gensets with up to 750 kW instantly!


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